Quitting Your Job: The Day After

Written by jeadmin

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owning your own businessQuitting your job puts you in a whirlwhind of emotions, and then there are some very real, concrete activities you need to do right away.

You spend months if not years agonizing over whether to quit your job.  Once make up your mind to do it, there’s really no going back.  You start to shut down emotionally and distance yourself from the day to day tasks to the point where you are doing a disservice to yourself and your company by staying.  So you leave.

You will go through an ever-changing storm of emotions.  First you are exhuberant.  Finally!  I’m going to leave this place and move on to (fill in the blank).  Then the sense of loss sets in.  Even though I am leaving of my own free will, I still got a little depressed…. and even indulged myself in a big old piece of chocolate cake 🙂  Finally, I got to the stage where it was time to face reality, start taking action and putting some changes in motion.

Here are some things I spent my day doing today:

1) Estimate my pension payout with some imaginary interest rates and assumptions about when I will start collecting.  In this corporate climate, pensions are pretty much phased out, but I do have some ‘grandfathered’ benefits there that I didn’t want to lose sight of.

2) Made a list of company property I will have to return.  Not much, but I do have some cleaning up to do.  Like that stack of old access cards in my desk from contractors past that need to be turned in. 

3) Gathered up the receipts for that last expense report I still haven’t done.  The system was down today so I’ll get that completed tomorrow.

4) Made arrangements for medical and dental coverage post-severance.   One medical bill and all my savings can be wiped out, so I’m not taking any risks with this one!

5) Adjusted my budget to cover the bill that I will no longer get an employee discount on.

6) Got the facts on my 401K and my options once I am no longer an active employee.  There are so many investment choices out there that I can’t stand being tied down to a 401k.  Besides, whoever thought it was a good idea to tax today’s earnings at tomorrow’s tax rates?  With the current state of our economy, taxes have to go up.  

7) Worked on getting all those medical receipts together to get reimbursed from my healthcare savings account and zero out that balance.

It feels good to put the emotions aside for a day and focus on some mundane tasks that will make a big difference once this door closes behind me.  I suspect the reality of quitting my job will hit in full force then!

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