Start Your Day with Gratitude

Written by jeadmin

Topics: Entrepreneur School

sunny dayWhen I woke up today, the sun was shining brightly into my bedroom window.  I’d had a restless night and slept in much later than usual.  So here I was, Sunday morning, waking peacefully to a bright sunny morning, and it made me realize just how lucky I am.  I decided then to list the first 5 things that came to mind that I am grateful for.

It only took a second and it really put a smile on my face.  Here’s my list:

1) Sunshine: It’s been raining here for weeks.  We’ve had a very gloomy summer, full of dark clouds, and incredibly humidity.  It may sound corny, but sunshine really does make me smile.  We live in Florida, so when the sun is missing we really notice.

2) My husband: He celebrates the highs with me, lifts me up when I am down, and loves me unconditionally.  There is nothing better than that!  After 20 years together, we are comfortable in our relationship but always learning and growing together. 

3) My children: I have two healthy, happy, reasonably well-adjusted teenagers that actually appreciate me and want to spend time with me.  My son is off to college in just a few short weeks and I will miss him terribly but I’m extremely proud of the person he has become.  My daughter is my joy, full of stories, teenage drama, and (almost) always willing to stop for a hug.

4) Opportunity: I’ve got the opportunity to reinvent myself and to help others do the same.  I’ve been working on this transition for a while now, and it’s exciting to finally be at the point to make it real, and maybe even a little bit scary.

5) My Home: I’m grateful that I have a soft bed to wake up in, a roof over my head, air conditioning to keep my cool and a blanket to keep me warm.  There are so many people who go without, and it serves me well to keep that in mind so that I don’t take my comfort for granted.

Starting my day with gratitude in my heart really made a difference in the quality of my day.  I think I’ll make this a habit!

What’s your list?

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