Are You the Lead Role or an Extra in Your Own Movie?

Written by jeadmin

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filming your own movieMost people are extras in their own movies.” – Bob Proctor

Are you an extra or do you have the lead role in your life?  If you think about it, the only person that appears in every scene is you.  Not only should you be the lead, but you should also be the author, editor and producer of the entire film.  Extras are moved around like props to whereever they are needed.  They do not get to choose.  You want to take the lead role and have all eyes on you.

Who gets to star?  Pick the people that are most important to you.  These are the people that will lift you up, provide you with love, laughs and light. 

Who is in the cast?  Here is where you need to carefully edit out the negative influence, the people that drain you of energy.  In movies, the cast is also called the “supporting cast” and that is exactly what they should do — support your story.  Surround yourself with people that believe in what you are trying to accomplish. 

What is the main plot?  Your movie can be about building a healthy, happy family, or it can be about fighting for our freedom, or just about any other plot you can imagine.  It is up to you to determine the point of your movie and take the actions needed to get you there.  Too many people drift through one episode after another in their lives without any clear plot.  Write your story intentionally.

What are your lines?  Even when you are not interacting with others, you have a constant inner dialogue running in your mind.  Pick your words carefully.  The words you say should lead to your desired outcome, helping the movie progress from scene to scene towards the ultimate conclusion. 

Where are your scenes filmed?  What environment have you chosen for yourself?  Decide if you want the setting to be in a large city, on the beach, in a remote ranch in the mountains.  Does the action happen in a major corporate office or in a poverty stricken area in need of aid?   Write in the scenes that are exciting to you. The camera is always filming, so put yourself in the locations where you want to be.

Your life is full of infinite possibilities and it is through our imagination and creativity we can make them into anything we want them to be.

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