3 Personal Qualities that are the Foundation for Success

Written by jeadmin

Topics: Entrepreneur School

self-esteem In order to achieve success, there are 3 personal qualities you must build as a foundation. They say that success leaves clues, and if you model the behavior of successful people you can also become successful. Underneath the behavior are key characteristics of a leader that may not be evident at first glance. Master these and you are well on your way to achieving the life you want to live.

1) Self-esteem
Do you believe that you are a good person? That you deserve to have good things happen to you? How about your skills? Do you think you are talented? Until you believe in yourself, you will find it very difficult to get others to believe in you.

We often have a negative talk track in our heads that continually points out our flaws in brutal honesty. Tune into your thoughts and see what I mean. You will say things like, “that’s stupid”, “you look fat”, “why did you say that”, “you’ll never make that sale”, etc. It’s a running flow of negativity that you need to shut off. If you’ve ever listened to Brian Tracy, he coaches people to say “I like myself” over and over and over.

2) Self-Management
Self-management has two components: awareness and management. The first part of this is to provide yourself with an accurate assessment of your skills, strengths and weaknesses. Remember though, you are often more critical of yourself than you should be, so take the time to get feedback from others whose opinions you trust. The second part is to set realistic goals for yourself and then keep score. Measure your progress and adjust according to that feedback. A word of caution here is to measure early and measure often so that you can make sure you are getting better every day.

3) Responsibility
Successful people take responsibility for themselves and everything that happens in their lives. The results you have achieved so far are directly related to the decisions and actions you’ve taken in life. Taking responsibility means acknowledging when you’ve made less than optimal choices and then doing something different. Take action towards your goals and pay attention to doing things right. Uphold your values so that you can look yourself in the mirror, and set the bar for personal performance high.

While no one can guarantee your success, what I can guarantee is that you will not be successful if you do not possess these 3 personal characteristics. The good news is that all of these can be learned by modeling the behaviors of others and making sure you continually give yourself honest feedback on the progress you are making.

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