On Leadership: How to treat people right

Written by Joanne

Topics: Entrepreneur School, Leadership

Successful leaders are those that understand how to treat people and build effective relationships.
No matter how compelling your vision or how knowledgeable you are, you must learn people skills. Here are some basic tips on that always work for me:

– Take the time to know the organization he operates in. Who are his clients? His boss?
– Use personal conversation. Share a story. Ask questions and find out about marriage status, children, hobbies, work history, anything that will help you find a common bond
– Use humor. Nothing breaks the ice better than a simple humorous comment. However, please be tasteful!
– If you can’t meet in person, use the phone. In today’s technological environment, it is much easier to email or send a text. You can do this after you’ve built some common ground.
– Be helpful. Don’t expect anything in return. You will make a much better impression by helping someone than asking him to do something for you. It also helps to build a relationship. You may not see a direct result, but rest assured this will come back to you in some form – a direct sale, a good referral, or an introduction to a hot prospect. Maybe you’ll just make a friend.
– Show appreciation. Saying “thank you” is so underutilized and so very important.
– Never lose your cool. Stay professional at all times. If others are losing their tempers, end the conversation and regroup when the emotions have had time to settle. If you are arguing, no one is listening. Nothing good will get accomplished.
– Lead by example. Your team is watching you and learning from you. Show them the best side of you.

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